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Well, well, well, this is quite a climbdown! For someone who was talking of 'real treks' a few days ago, even the talk of a 'short trip' is a bit rich. To clear the air on this, I am not against short trips, just that I love the treks more. Coming down to the issue, 'short trips' have two stand-out characteristics; one, they are short and two, they are trips. Think I can find a place in the 9XM PJ team? Ok, now, really coming down to the issue, a short trip is what most people who are reading this would be able to afford much easier than the treks. Affording, not in the money sense but in the time and walking sense. So, if you are someone who does not appreciate days on end in the wild, having to camp in strange places, sleeping with cold feet, having to cook your own meals after a hard day's work but prefer a short walk which fulfils your trekking ambitions and still want some great views with a dose of culture, religion, history as a bonus, you are in the right section.

Interspersed in the more serious trekking which is already covered in the Treks section, I also do some short trips. The reasons are multiple. To name the 2 most important; one, not all interesting places are parts of good, large treks and two, it is impossible to be on serious treks all the time, sometimes weather interferes, sometimes the physical limitations and sometimes armchair travellers. This section has the details of such trips. Being the magnanimous man that I am, I will spare you the torture of elaborate backgrounds and travelogues. Just a one pager on the place and the trip complemented by a small image gallery and a GPS trail will be it.


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+1 #1 Ila Gupta 2013-01-18 10:17
:lol: i would like to go for a small easy trek somewhere close to hoshiarpur.can u suggest any gud trekking tour.
0 #2 Shalabh 2013-01-18 15:27
@Ila - you could check out the Kareri Lake Trek (about 3 days), the Dhauladhar Base Trek (2-4 days) or go to Triund.

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