Trek Himachal


District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Barot from across the Uhl reservoir

Position - N32 02.294 E76 50.753

Altitude – 1829 Metres

Part of Treks:

  1. Barot – Bir

  2. The Bhang Trek

I have a bias for Barot, which I do not think is unjustified. After all, what is wrong with having a bias for a village nestled in mountains with lush jungles, on the banks of a small, fresh stream which is a trout breeding ground, trails from where lead to deeper mountains, including the promised land of my dreams, Bada Bhangal. A village has existed along the banks of Uhl for ages. Legend has it that people migrated up towards these mountains from Indian plains centuries back to escape floods. In more recent past, Barot has been known to exist as a village definitely from British times. The old Barot village still exists a little upstream and up-hill from modern Barot. Currently part of the administrative district of Mandi, during the British times, Barot was under PWD Rest House at Barotthe king of Mandi and on the mule trail to Kullu. The king used to visit Barot as part of his kingdom tour and had a small palace, which was later converted into a rest house for British officers and is currently a rest house of the State owned Electricity Board.

The British, realizing the hydroelectric potential of the Uhl river, tapped the river and constructed a reservoir. Pipes were then used to send the water crashing down to run turbines at Shanan power station near Jogindernagar. This reservoir and powerhouse still exist and are functional. Apart from this, a must see in Barot is the Khooni Ghati. This also has its origins in the hydroelectric project. The road to Barot is relatively new. At the time of constructing the reservoir, all the material was transported to Barot via a haulage trolley running on rails. The haulage trolley's stop closest to Barot is called Khooni Ghati, as a reference to a tragic accident which killed a trolley full of passengers because of a rope snap. The trolley is still functional but like most things state owned, not maintained well and in a sad state of disrepair. Barot shot from the topIf you can get a ride on the trolley up to Winch Point, nothing like it.

The current economy of Barot runs partly on tourism, partly on farming, partly on government jobs and the last partly on the old hydroelectric project. It is a budding tourist destination which seems to have been budding for quite sometime. In the absence of concerted efforts from the government, it is likely to remain budding for sometime, which is not bad, given that it will stay clean and unspoilt. The part modernization of Barot has meant a lot of culture has already been lost. Up until the time Barot was not 'civilized', the local populace never wore synthetic shoes. The 'shoes' were made of fibre from the Cannabis plant. Shoes covering half the foot for summers and high ankle shoes for winter with a sock made of goat wool. In fact this was characteristic of a lot of the cold areas in Himachal. There are no traces of this to be seen any more in the era of suede leather, mass produced shoes. I promise to buy one, photograph and put them on this page whenever I find one during my travels.

A taste of trout is a must if you are in Barot. The best season is between the monsoon and the winter i.e. September and October. A freshly caught trout from the Uhl or the fish farms tastes better than any other fish I have ever had.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a quiet holiday in the lap of Himalayas, a shot at your angling skills, a quiet cup of tea, a fresh clean walk amidst the nature, some casual or serious trekking, a peek at the village culture of Himachal, Barot is the place.


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+4 #1 victor Peterson 2010-01-03 07:55
It would be wrong and unjust to say excellent, since I have visited this place when you were a child of 8-10 years old, this place is a "Heaven on the Earth" and I tempted to visit many times again but unfortunately due to time scarcity (lame excuse everyone gives) I could not make it.
By browsing this site once again my inner soul is biting me to visit at least once again.
I strongly recommend all, who enjoys peace of mind and admire nature to visit these places at least once in life time, every visit their's will be worth million dollar simply by spending few bucks.
It would be my pleasure to post opinions rather comments for such a grate nature lover’s site.

An Australian.
+2 #2 Shalabh 2010-01-07 05:02

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your opinion. You are welcome to post anything here. Infact, to hear from someone who has been to one of the places is just fantastic.

And I have a suggestion for you. If you are really feeling like, why not just make it this Aussie winter? It has not changed much since you last visited. A few shops here and there, thats about it.

0 #3 Vibhu 2011-07-19 09:17
i know by asking this question, i am somewhat doing un-justice to spirit of this site...but is there any direct road link between barot & kullu? if yes then what is the condition of the road specially during monsoon?
-1 #4 Rakesh Kumar 2012-02-13 04:54
Quoting Vibhu:
i know by asking this question, i am somewhat doing un-justice to spirit of this site...but is there any direct road link between barot & kullu? if yes then what is the condition of the road specially during monsoon?

:-* Currently there is no direct link . But govt. is now making a tunnel pass at Bhubhu pass in Chauhar Valley which will connect Barot and Kullu directly and it will cut down distance by about 65 K.M. between these stations. So be happy. :lol: You can trek from Barot to Kullu from Bhubhu pass , Journey is about 5 - 6 Hourrs from Barot to kullu on foot by this pass
0 #5 Coolguy 2012-02-13 04:58
8) Barot is really a very nice place to visit . It just needs good infrastructure and publicity and it will surely become a tourist heaven . I have also made a blog about beautiful Barot and other places of HImachal Pradesh at :-*
0 #6 Rakesh Kumar 2012-03-01 06:01
Haulage trolley ride that connects Jogindernagar to Barot through hills . Made in about 1926 for carrying construction material of Shanan power project to Barot . :-*
0 #7 Rakesh Kumar 2012-03-10 01:44

Haulage trolley video that was made in about 1926 for carrying construction material of Shanan power project from Joginder Nagar , [ Mandi(H.P.) , India ] to Barot where reservoir on Uhl river and tunnel has made .
0 #8 RB 2012-05-19 17:35
Amazing Place. Loved Paragliding in Billing!

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