Trek Himachal

Trek Route

The trek starts from Tundah, around 52 km from Chamba town. There is hardly any trail upto the lake (assuming you do it in the direction suggested on this site). The walk is along the top of a ridge with fantastic views, very little water and sometimes very cold nights. Click this link to see the map of the trail on OSM (Open Street Maps).

  1. Tundah - Mumbardhar: For the first 3-4 days, this is the only day that you will actually find a trail. From Tundah, head West into a cedar jungle. The trail leads to the ridge you can see form Tundah. Mumbardhar is a beautiful campsite with a few huts on a ridge.
  2. Mumbardhar - Base Camp: There is no trail but there is a ridge. The ridge that heads North-North-West. Its the only long, prominent ridge. Walk on top of the ridge and savour the views. You are headed for the base of the peak visible North-West of Banni village. Once you reach the base, you will see a path winding down towards Banni. Continue along the ridge and reach a small camp site with no water. You can see the Dumgol twins in Pir Panjals up close from here.
  3. Base Camp - Chaurasi Chali: From the base camp, head North-West to the base of the peak. The elevation is about 4000 metres here. Instead of going up the peak, look for a narrow trail on the Western face of the peak. This slopes slightly down and can be seen about a km awayb on a lush green grazing ground. Follow this trail. Overall, it loses about 150 m in altitude till the trail gets lost and you have steep slope of loose rocks leading to a flat area. There are reportedly 84 springs of fresh water here. 84 in hindi is Chaurasi, hence the name. You will see springs of various sizes oozing out of the loose rocks and a flag which marks the place.
  4. Chaurasi Chali - Chaurasi Pass: From Chaurasi Chali, go N-N-W on the ridge you see on your left. You will see a few rocks put atop each other all along the way. These roughly mark the way, such wa that exists. Its mostly loose rock, loosened by extreme temperature changes and freezing of the little water content in the rocks. The trail goes all along the ridge till it reaches a small pass. From here, across an open snow ground in a depression, you will see another pass. Walk down the depression and up it to reach Chaurasi Pass.
  5. Chaurasi Pass - Chaurasi ka Dal: Slide down on the snow from the pass. Keep a N-N-W bearing going downstream. The lake is quite a distance from the pass, takes around 2-3 hours if you have fresh snow.
  6. Chaurasi ka Dal - Chanju: The lake is a local pilgrim destination from this side of the pass. So there is a trail, not always very clear because the traffic is very low and seasonal. It runs along the left bank of the stream coming out from the lake. All along the left bank, it crosses a camp site Raili Dhar and a couple of temporary, seasonal shelters before reaching population at Datuin. After Datuin, there are village paths right upto the road at Chanju.

Remember to go by waypoints and before you use the GPS trail, read this page as well.


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